The beanie, surely one of menswear’s most polarising accessories. For some, it’s a quick and effective way to change up a look. For others, the unpleasant image of David Beckham’s comically oversized woolly hat that’s been seared into their memory since 2004 makes it impossible to take the idea of wearing one seriously.

For those who fall into the latter camp, we understand and empathise with your beanie-related reservations. However, we’d urge you to reconsider your position when picking out your next piece of winter headwear.

For all its misuse and bad styling, the beanie is actually a very useful tool in a man’s sartorial inventory. The real problem here is that most people just can’t figure out how to wear one. With that in mind, we’ve outlined a few key ways to style this divisive breed of hat that’ll give even the most ardent of naysayers pause for thought.

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