Privacy Notice

1. Why this opinion?

This privacy notice (the “Notice”) describes the privacy policies and practices of Peerless Clothing to protect personal information collected in the course of its business.

2. What personal information do we collect and for what purposes?

Peerless Clothing only collects personal information that is necessary for the purposes of its business, including information relating to your identity, demographic, financial and tax information, as well as digital identifiers and digital interaction information. 

Peerless Clothing collects, uses and discloses your personal information for the purposes you have consented to or as permitted by law. The purposes for which Peerless Clothing collects your personal information are identified at the time of collection. You may also be informed of these purposes upon request. The list below describes in general terms, but is not limited to, the purposes for which Peerless Clothing collects your personal information: 

3. How is your personal information collected? 

3.1. Directly from you 

Most of the personal information we collect is that which you provide directly to us, in particular when you : 

– Contact us directly (in person, by telephone, by SMS, by email, etc.); 

– Make specific requests to Peerless Clothing,

– Provide feedback or answer surveys;

3.2. Third parties 

Peerless Clothing may also collect your personal information from third parties with your consent or as permitted by law. 

3.3. Through our website

Peerless Clothing may also collect personal information when you visit our website, complete our online contact form or apply for a job advertised on our website. 

Subject to applicable requirements regarding consent to collection via a technology service or solution, the IP address used by your device to connect is automatically collected when you access Peerless Clothing websites. 

Peerless Clothing and some of its advertising network partners may also collect other information about the use of its website through the use of cookies. These files make it possible to recognise the user of our site when they access it and when they move from one page to another. Peerless Clothing and, where applicable, its partner advertising networks, use these cookies to identify people who show a particular interest in certain pages of its websites for the purpose of advertising targeting. In this way, it can display specific advertisements, particularly in the form of banners, on other websites visited by you. 

4. Under what conditions may we collect, use and communicate your personal information? 

Peerless Clothing collects, uses and discloses your personal information with your consent in accordance with applicable requirements, or without your consent in certain circumstances as provided by law, such as in the context of criminal or penal proceedings. 

You may withdraw your consent at any time for your personal information to be used by Peerless Clothing for the purpose of providing you with personalized offers or recommendations about its products and services or for legally specified secondary purposes. If you withdraw your consent, Peerless Clothing will stop using your personal information for these purposes. 

For primary purposes, such as managing our business relationships, withdrawing your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information may limit our ability to provide you with certain products and services.   

Any request to withdraw consent must be sent to the Privacy Officer, whose contact details are given below.   

5. To whom is your personal information disclosed?

Your personal information is accessible only to Peerless Clothing staff members who require access in order to perform their duties.

Peerless Clothing may also disclose your personal information to partners or service providers in connection with the performance of service contracts that fall within the purposes described above, or to public authorities by law. The categories of third parties to whom we may communicate your personal information are as follows: 

6. How do we store your personal information and for how long? 

Peerless Clothing uses facilities and service providers to ensure that your personal information is held securely and confidentially. 

Your personal information is generally kept in Quebec, Canada. However, it is possible that the communication of personal information to certain technological solution providers may result in the transfer of such information outside Quebec. In such cases, Peerless Clothing first validates the privacy laws and practices applicable in the jurisdiction concerned and provides contractual undertakings with respect to privacy and information security in order to ensure adequate protection of your personal information. 

Peerless Clothing retains your personal information only as long as necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and for the applicable legal retention periods, which may sometimes justify longer retention periods. Destruction or, in cases where there is a serious purpose, anonymization, is carried out in a secure manner.

7. How do we ensure the protection and security of your personal information? 

Peerless Clothing employs security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of your personal information to protect it against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification, in accordance with applicable law. The security measures applied by Peerless Clothing include : 

  1. Administrative measures, such as the implementation of a framework for the protection of Peerless Clothing’s information assets, including your personal information, a continuous audit of the evolution of security threats to your personal information, as well as the recurrent deployment of training and awareness activities regarding the protection of personal information for Peerless Clothing’s employees.  
  1. Technical measures, such as restricting access to your personal information by applying the “need to know” principle, i.e. limiting access only to those who need it to carry out their duties, setting up alerts in the event of suspicious events and securely encrypting communications.

Although Peerless Clothing employs a variety of security measures to adequately protect your personal information and minimize the risk of a breach, there is always a risk that your personal information will be compromised and we cannot provide a 100% guarantee that your personal information will not be compromised in the event of a breach of our physical, technical or administrative security measures. If you have reason to believe that personal information has been compromised, please contact the Privacy Officer listed below. 

8. What are your rights with regard to your personal information? 

Peerless Clothing respects your legal rights with respect to your personal information and has procedures in place to deal with the following requests: 

Access and rectification of your personal information: You will be able to consult the personal information that Peerless Clothing has collected about you, verify its accuracy and modify it if necessary, subject to the exceptions provided by law. Requests for access and rectification are free of charge. However, you may be charged a reasonable fee for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of your personal information. Your request for access or rectification must be sent to the Privacy Officer at the address below and will be processed no later than thirty (30) days following the date of receipt of your written request to Peerless Clothing. 

Automated processing: If Peerless Clothing implements a decision-making process that is based exclusively on automated processing (without human intervention) of personal information, you will be informed of the fact that you are the subject of such a process, of the decision that has been made and of your right to comment on that decision. You may also be informed of the following on request: 

  1. Personal information used to reach this decision;
  2. Reasons for this decision;
  3. Your right to rectify the personal information used to reach this decision.

Portability [Effective September 2024]: You will be able to obtain, upon request, a copy of the personal information that has been collected about you. If your personal information has been computerized and in the absence of serious practical difficulties, you may request that it be communicated to you in a structured and commonly used technological format.

9. What do I do if I have a question or complaint about my personal information? 

Any questions regarding your personal information or complaints following non-compliance with the principles set out in the Notice should be sent to the Privacy Officer whose contact details are given below. 

10. Who is responsible for protecting my personal information within Peerless Clothing? 

The Privacy Officer is responsible for ensuring the protection of your personal information. 

The contact details for the Privacy Officer are as follows: 

Privacy Officer 

Peerless Clothing Inc 

8888 Pie-IX Blvd,

Montreal, QC


email: privacy[at]peerless-clothing.com

11. Can this notice be changed, and if so, will I be notified? 

Peerless Clothing may periodically change the content of this Notice. If so, a notice will be posted on the Peerless Clothing website and in our communications materials.